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Many environmental science disciplines have been modelling during recent decades in order to best understand and analyse the processes and conditions within their areas of interest. This has led to a multitude of discipline-specific models, modelling software and workflows. However, the synthesis of these models is still effectively a manual process undertaken by experts; the resulting multi-model syntheses often leading to controversy.


There is now a growing realisation that to answer the most pertinent questions of the age, such as adaption to climate change and the sustainable use of natural resources, we need to model whole Earth systems, bringing together climate, ecological, hydrological, hydrogeological and geological along with socio-economic models in order to provide the necessary framework in which informed decisions can be made.


The importance of linking processes from across the environmental sciences to enable a trans-disciplinary understanding of the environment to be developed cannot be understated. Understanding the many human and natural processes that come together in the zone of human interaction can realistically be achieved and will enable us to take a holistic view of the environment, environmental services upon which we depend and the environmental hazards that threaten society.


This two-day conference will showcase recent progress in Model Fusion research. Papers will be particularly welcome covering:


     Experience of model fusion projects

     Description of software systems facilitating model fusion

     Progress in ontological and semantic research facilitating model fusion

     Discussion of issues surrounding scale, heterogeneity and uncertainty related to model fusion

     Solution workflows used to facilitate model fusion

     Visualisation of fused models

     Cultural issues surrounding model fusion


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